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We provide an FE Review Lecture Series for all. Check out our flyer every semester regarding times and subjects

Why Should I Take the FE Exam?

In order to advance in a company, most employers require you to be a Professional Engineer (PE). This can only be attained after the successful completion of the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, up-to four (4) years of experience after becoming an Engineer In Training (EIT), as well as other guidelines (see here for more information). For this reason, many engineering companies are looking for EITs to train into PE. Taking this exam years after graduation will only compound the difficulty of remembering it all.

If that's not enough, to employers, the EIT makes you stand out compared to the vast majority of graduating engineers.

Do you want to stand out?

What is the FE Exam?

The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is a 110 questions long with the NCEES allowing up to 6 hours for it. These questions will span more than a dozen courses depending on the major. The exams are major specific with passing rates ranging from under 50% to 80%, depending on exam. Luckily, there is a reference manual which is available digitally and is provided (also digitally) during the test. The FE exams are available year round. More information about the FE/EIT exam can be found here.


How will the FE Review sessions help me?

The review sessions are just what they sound like, 3 hour long reviews of a topic covered on the exam. This semester, the lecture series will cover only 12 subjects in just as many weeks through 12 sessions. Three of the topics are particularly important and difficult, therefore we established two sessions for each. These also give attendees a chance to hear and remember a subject from multiple perspectives. Every FE Review session is run by a professor, PhD, and/or PE. Frequently, professors will send out or bring supplementary resources, such as review handouts, that can give you an edge on other engineers attempting to take it. 

Disclaimer: Attending this lecture series in no way guarantees your successful completion of the FE Exam. The Upsilon Gamma chapter of Theta Tau is not affiliated with the NCEES nor the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. The costs of this review lecture series does not include the cost of the exam which is paid directly to the NCEES.

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